Cuba is on the verge of opening,
and new adventures await, including…

Incredible Wing Shooting
for Dove, Duck, and Quail

Unequaled saltwater fishing and untapped freshwater lakes.

Unexplored reefs featuring more than
500 species in warm, crystal clear waters.

Come explore Cuba!

Ideally situated just 90 miles south of Florida in the clear blue waters of the famous Caribbean Sea, Cuba is on the verge of opening its marshes and fields, exotic coastline, and freshwater lakes to American adventure travel.

Opportunities abound for exciting hunting, fishing, and scuba diving. Explore this paradise and its mild climate with an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Discover why one of America’s most celebrated outdoorsman, Ernest Hemingway, called Cuba his home.

Travel restrictions to Cuba will be gone very soon!

Be one of the first to experience this island paradise!

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