About Us

Hello! I'm Charles Puff.

The Puff family has been in the outdoor adventure business for over fifty years, providing hunting and fishing adventures worldwide. We have owned and operated the Pancho Villa Duck and Quail Club in the Yucatán since 1963, International Adventure since 1970, and High Adventure Ranch, a big game hunting facility, since 1983.


Cuba Outdoor Adventures was closed a little over fifteen years ago because of the embargo. We used to provide humanitarian aid for the locals while taking fishermen and hunters to Cuba’s extraordinary lakes, marshes, and coastlines. However, travel and business restrictions tightened and ended our operations. But we never gave up hope of returning. Over the years, many adventurers have asked us about going back to Cuba.


Now Cuba Outdoor Adventures is reopening! We’re back in business! When the embargo is lifted, Cuba Outdoor Adventures will be fully prepared take you on an adventure tour of a lifetime. Will you be ready? Will you be one of the first to explore Cuba?

We’re letting everyone know what exciting opportunities we plan to offer in the near future! Besides cigars, rum, and nightlife, we will be offering freshwater bass fishing, deep-sea and salt flats fishing, scuba diving, the Ernest Hemingway International Billfish tournament, and hunting for Duck, Dove, and Quail. Come join the fun!


Please contact me! I’d love to talk to you about our different packages and help you plan your trip! Cuba has always been one of my favorite countries, touring the countryside taking in the sights and culture, and of course the great fishing and hunting.


Click here to fill out an inquiry form or call me at 314-293-0610 or 314-894-3776 to coordinate your Trip of a Lifetime!!!