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Cuban Cuisine

Meal at Sancti Spiritus

Taste the new Cuba!  Cuban food offers a wide variety of island favorites. Enjoy everything from arroz congri, a rice and red bean dish, to cucurucho, a coconut and honey dessert.

Cuban food is on the rise! Cuba has recently lifted restrictions on paladares, private restaurants, and the quality of the food is expanding in exciting directions with increased variety and enhanced taste for both new and traditional food. Many dishes combine chicken and pork with rice and beans and fried plantain or banana.

Enjoy a wide variety of fruit from private fruit stands and restaurants, everything from a brown furry fruit called mamey colorado, to a cashew-apple Maranon, to the vanilla sweet fruit guanabama. The papaya is excellent but unless you want to be embarrassed make sure you call it  fruta bomba.

For dessert try flan, caramel custard, and tatianoff, cream coated chocolate cake, or coco quemado, coconut pudding. Or have a Cuban sundae, ice cream served with fruit.

Be adventurous! Regardless of what you try, you’ll love sampling Cuban cuisine.


When in Cuba, smoke a cigar!

Cuban cigars are famous for being the best in the world. Are they? If you’ve smoked one, you know, and may want to explore different blends and brands.  If not, now’s your chance.

You can choose from light flavorful blends for beginners to powerful rich blends with for aficionados. There are hundreds of well-known and popular brands, from the Vegas Robainas to the Diplomaticos. Try Winston Churchill’s favorite, the Romeo y Julieta, or try the Montecristo, named after the work of popular French writer and creator of the three musketeers, Alexandre Dumas.

A Cuban cigar is the finest cigar. A puff on a cigar is just a puff, but if you have a Cuban cigar, you will have smoked the world’s best.


When in Cuba, complement your cigar with Cuban rum!

No trip would be complete without sampling the rum. Cuba produces over 60 brands of rum, many from factories originally owned by the Bacardi family. Try popular brands, Havana Club and Matusalem Anejo Superior, and the various blends, from carta blanca, white rum, to carta oro, golden rum, to anejo, one of the strongest.

Or drink up and enjoy Cuban rum-based cocktails like the famous pina colada, and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite rum drinks, the daiquiri and the mojito.

Where else to enjoy rum? Cuba!


Tired of fishing for monster sized Black Bass, eating delicious Cuban cuisine, drinking rum and smoking cigars? Do you need some down time? Relax on one of Cuba’s 300 clean natural beaches sloping into blue-green, crystal-clear Caribbean water. Cuba averages 330 days of sunshine a year!

Cuba's beaches have a variety of colors of sand, from brilliant white at Varadero beach to sparkling gold at Holguin’s Guardalavaca to extraordinary black at the Playa Duaba near Baracoa. Cuba’s most famous beach is Varadero with pristine white sand and flowing calm turquoise waters. Playa Ancon, located south of Trinidad, is one of the best beaches on the southern coast. Its clear waters are perfect for snorkeling.

Thanks to the mild subtropical climate with an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, beaches can be enjoyed year-round for lazy relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.


What Cuba does best is live dance music. Experience Havana's thriving live music scene. Enjoy creative combinations of drums, guitars, horns and other brass instruments. Rock, salsa, son, jazz, house, disco, afro-Cuban, classical – see and hear it all when night falls on Havana.

The following are some of the more popular destinations:


This is an obligatory stop-off for anyone who wants a true taste of Havana nightlife. The cabaret show offers an unrivalled spectacle of lights, costumes and entertainment. Nightly presentations are held on an open-air stage where thousands of dancers perform exotic dance routines.


The cabaret tradition is alive at the Hotel Nacional of Havana, and the Parisien is the best example. For more than 40 years, it has been dishing up delightful shows featuring the best of Cuba's inexhaustible musical talent.

El Floridita

A famous bar and restaurant located in Havana since 1817, its slogan is "The cradle of the daiquiri". Jennings Cox, one of the first iron miners in Cuba, is generally credited with creating the original Daiquiri. World-famous author and journalist Ernest Hemingway was a regular at El Floridita.  A life-sized sculpture of him leaning on the bar was installed in 2003.

La Bodeguita del Medio

Another famous bar and restaurant located in Havana since 1942 is La Bodeguita del Medio. The mojito cocktail (created in Havana) is the best-known drink at La Bodeguita del Medio. Ernest Hemingway was also a regular at this bar.

“My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita” – Ernest Hemingway