Bass Fishing in Las Tunas

The U.S. embargo of Cuba is about to be lifted, and many Americans are asking, “How is the bass fishing in Cuba?” The answer? We don’t know for sure, but all indications suggest that it’s gong to be fantastic! Largemouth bass may seem an odd fish for a tropical island. How’d they get there? They were imported from the U.S. in the early 1900s and it appears they have flourished. Bass weighing over twenty pounds have been documented in old reports. The weather and water conditions suggest that Cuba’s lakes are perfect for growing giant bass.


Lake Laguna de Leonero


Laguna de Leonero is a 5,400 ha (approximately 13,344 ac) lake in the province of Granma near its border with the province of Las Tunas. The lake lies in the Cauto River delta in northern Granma. During the high season (November 1–March 31), you can expect to catch an average of thirty to forty bass. As recently as 2015, a sixteen-pound bass was caught in this lake.



Largemouth Bass 

Tommy Hoenig, one of our Bass Team, fished in Embalse Hanabanilla in October 2017. Here are some of his thoughts:

Lake Leonero, a shallow lake of approximately 5,000–6,000 ac, has lots of lily pads but has sufficient openings for fishing. Plenty of fish hang around the edges of the lily pads. Fishing was tough for me because the water was still very warm and the sun was high in the sky. It rained every day, which began cooling the water. As the sun begins to stay lower in the sky, fishing should become better. On my best day, the largest bass I caught weighed 10 lb 3 oz (pictured below).

Best baits: worms in the colors black/blue flake, plum, and watermelon seed; California 420 by Zoom.

Additional recommended baits: Zoom brush hogs and Z-baits in the same colors as worms, frogs like those by Spro, and Rage Toads by Strike King.

Line recommendation: 50–65 lb braid and 20 lb of your favorite monofilament, copolymer, or fluorocarbon. Water is tea-stained, so line color is not critical.


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