Let’s go birding in Cuba!


Let’s explore the natural habitat of hundreds of beautiful birds. Let’s explore beyond our routines, looking well beyond our backyard bird watching, and become a home town authority on Cuban birds.


                                  Bee Hummingbird                                                                           Caspian Tern 

Take a trip with us to a newly accessible land, a natural environment considered one of the premier locations in the world for birders. Join us in an active search for endemic Cuban birds, a thrilling pursuit that will sharpen your senses and your sighting abilities. Learn to identify not only Cuban birds but also critically endangered birds. Enjoy the thrill while fostering respect for the natural habitat, a reverence that can help save these amazing birds.


                                  Cuban Grassquit                                                                                 Cuban Trogon 

Treasure each sighting, each unique call, and each step into nature that sheds the stress of routine responsibilities and brings you one step closer to becoming an expert on exceptional birds that most will never see, nor fully appreciate. Accumulate a list that will impress your birding friends back home while meeting new friends and fellow birders in Cuba.


                                             Giant Kingbird                                                   Cuban Pygmy-owl      

Cuba is home to over 350 bird species, 27 of which are endemic and about 30 of which are considered globally threatened. Imagine catching a glimpse of the rare blue-headed quail-dove. Of course such sightings would be extraordinary life-changing events but not out of the realm of possibility. While staying alert for such sightings, you will also see an extraordinary assortment of flamingos, parakeets, woodpeckers, herons, and spoonbills. Cuba is the natural habitat for three species of hummingbirds, including the bee hummingbird, or zunzuncito, the smallest hummingbird in the world, weighing less than a penny. Be sure to spot the big island’s national bird, the Cuban trogon, or tocororo, sporting the same red, white, and blue colors of the Cuban flag. You can expect to see the Cuban solitaire, olive-capped warbler, Fernandina’s flicker, giant kingbird, Cuban grassquit, Cuban pygmy owl, Caspian tern, Forster’s tern, Neotropic cormorant, osprey, and snail kite.


                                                                                             Fernandina's Flicker


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