Bass & Saltwater Fishing in Pinar del Río

Located 115 miles west of Havana is the city of Pinar del Río, the capital of Pinar del Río Province. Pinar del Río is the 10th largest Cuban city with a population around 140,000. The area is known for tobacco plantations and cattle ranches. It is also the center of the cigar industry in Cuba. Time permitting you will want to tour the Alejandro Robaina Tobacco Plantation just south of the city. To the cigar aficionado, this is the home of the Vegas Robaina Cigar.

Laguna Grande


The U.S. embargo of Cuba is about to be lifted, and many Americans are asking, “How is the bass fishing in Cuba?” The answer? We don’t know for sure, but all indications suggest that it’s gong to be fantastic! Largemouth bass may seem an odd fish for a tropical island. How’d they get there? They were imported from the U.S. in the early 1900s and it appears they have flourished. Bass weighing over twenty pounds have been documented in old reports. The weather and water conditions suggest that Cuba’s lakes are perfect for growing giant bass.



Pinar del Río has many excellent areas for bass fishing, including eleven in the Sandino region. These include Laguna Grande, Alcatraz Grande, Alcatraz Chico, Santa Barbara, La Retinga, Los Indios, Los Candienses, and Cayo Jobo. Twelve-to-fourteen-pound bass have been caught in Laguna Grande as recently as 2015. These are some of the finest lakes in Cuba, and U.S. bass anglers have not fished them for fifteen years.



Largemouth Bass


Snook and Tarpon are the main species available of Saltwater fish in Pinar del Río. Many of the best areas lie along the Cuyaguateje River.








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