Birding in Pinar del Río


We will take you to the best Birding locations in Pinar del Río.

We will go to Parque Nacional La Güira, 54,000 acres of wilderness preserve, teeming with Cuba’s birds, and home to Hacienda Cortina, an abandoned country mansion with remnants of a crenellated entry gate, Chinese pavilion, and clusters of bamboo. The wilderness preserve is also home to Cueva de los Portales, a spectacular cave and national monument with vine-covered limestone cliffs that is a supreme spot for spotting birds you will see nowhere else in the wild.


                                                                                        Parque Nacional La Güira

We will go to Mil Cumbres, a unique natural environment with four watersheds, four sulfur springs, a microclimate of plains, mountain rainforest, semi-deciduous forest, seasonal evergreen, wet evergreen shrub, and wooded savannahs. Mil Cumbres is home to over 135 species of birds like the Cuban finch, the Cuban bullfinch, the northern bobwhite, the eastern meadowlark, the mourning dove, the Cuban emerald, the Cuban trogon, the Cuban solitaire, the Cuban green woodpecker, and the Cuban tody.


                                                                                                      Mil Cumbres

Cuba is your chance to enjoy a beautiful natural environment while on the lookout for some of the world’s most distinctive birds, a chance to enjoy fascinating bird personalities in the wilds of the largest Caribbean island, the dominant ones and the nurturing ones. A birding trip to Cuba can increase your overall sense of well being and create memories you will not soon forget. Let’s go to Cuba for a magnificent birding experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


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We are NOW offering "People to People" trips along with our Birding trips. So what does this mean? Our travelers will have a full-time schedule of educational activities followed by one of our Birding trips. Our tour packages listed below fulfill these requirements. 


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