Cuba Fishing


Cuba Freshwater Fishing


If you are looking for a great place for fishing, Cuba is the place!

Have you ever wondered how big a Black Bass can grow under nearly ideal circumstances? Cuba’s freshwater lakes just might have your answer. The fishing is year round, and the best fishing occurs October through March with average temperatures hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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But here’s what’s really interesting. The lakes are practically virgin. Only the locals within bicycling distance, using hand lines and inner tubes, fish in these unspoiled waters. There is no evidence that anyone using modern-day tackle has fished the freshwater lakes in the past fifteen or more years. Are they full of monster bass?


Some old reports from over fifteen years ago indicate that eleven Black Bass were caught exceeding the USA’s record of 22.4 lbs, one possibly weighing in at 24.4 lbs. Are there more bass, maybe even bigger ones? We don’t know for sure, but wouldn’t you like to find out? Wouldn’t you like the chance to catch a once in a lifetime fish? Maybe a record breaking 25-pounder?

High season is October 1–March 31.

Are you looking for the chance to experience jaw-dropping fishing excitement? A fishing adventure of a lifetime?


Cuba’s freshwater lakes are waiting for you!


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Cuba Salt Water Fishing

Cuba is an angler's paradise with over 3,500 miles of coastline and over 27,000 square miles of insular shelf, home to countless bonefish, tarpon, snook, marlin, and other species. Keys and islets dot the coast offering spectacular fishing opportunities.


Cuban beaches are the perfect place for anyone who wishes to experience the warm, blue-green sea of the tropical Caribbean, offering panoramic views of fine white sand sloping into the crystal-clear water.


Ernest Hemingway loved Cuba, especially the big-game saltwater fishing, immortalizing it in his most famous novel The Old Man and the Sea. The annual Ernest Hemingway International Billfish tournament, one of the oldest in the world, bears tribute to this great author.

High season is October 1–March 31.


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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Species: Migration Cycles:
Marlin (Black, Blue, White) June, July, August, September
Sailfish May and July
Mahi-mahi (Dolphin) February, March, May, June
Snook February, March, May, June
Bonefish February, March, April
Tarpon May, June, July, August