Saltwater Fishing in Sancti Spíritus

Both Río Zaza & Río Agabama rivers have similar characteristics, being navigable by more than 15 km each with diverse zones of fishing. Halcón and Cobra boats are used with 40 hp and 60 hp engines. Fundamentally they use spinning fishing gear although some fly fishermen have been successful as well. You can catch Tarpon, Snook, Crevalle jack, Cubera snappers, and more!


Río Zaza







Tommy Hoenig, one of our Bass Team, fished in Embalse Hanabanilla in October 2017. Here are some of his thoughts:

Embalse Hanabanilla is a beautiful lake in the hills of Sancti Spíritus with deep, clear water. The bass are healthy and beautiful. The two biggest fish I caught there I caught one hour apart; one was 9.5 lb, and the other was 8.25 lb. The major spawn is in March.

Best baits: 10” Power Worm® by Berkley in the colors black/blue flake, plum, and watermelon seed. Smaller worms will increase numbers. Additional recommended baits: Crank baits in shad colors (bream, chartreuse/blue, black). I was using 6XD by Strike King. Also bring your favorite top water baits.

Line recommendation: 15–20 lb line.


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