Sancti Spíritus - Duck, Dove & Quail Hunting

South Location & North Location

Duck Season

October 15th to March 31st

Dove Season

September 1st to March 31st

Quail Season

November 10th to March 31st

Another option available to the bird hunters is to stay in Sancti Spíritus. Founded in 1514, Sancti Spíritus, Latin for "Holy Spirit", is one of the oldest Cuban European Settlements. While there you can street shop or visit the Parroquial Mayor church, whose early 16th century origin makes it the oldest church in Cuba. Also visit the mansion of Valle Iznaga, previously owned by one of Cuba's most elite families who fled Cuba after the Revolution. It is now state property with 90% of the furnishings and paintings all original.

At our South location, you will be staying at the Los Laureles Hotel, which is located in the center of Sancti Spíritus. We call our South location "Zaza". As you can see from viewing the pool area, the accommodations are very comfortable even if you have a non hunter along with you. 

At our North location, which is pictured to the right, you will be staying at the Villa San Jose del Lago. It is located just north of Sancti Spíritus. We alternate camps to ensure the best hunting while there.

You will be hunting Ducks in coastal marsh from either our South Camp (Zaza) or our North Camp near Sancti Spíritus. You will be hunting Blue-Winged Teal, Shoveler, Bahamas Teal, Pintail, and Wigeon over decoys.

On the alternate days, you will hunt wild Quail in the mornings. Most hunters will average 6-10 coveys. Sancti Spíritus is known for the best Quail hunting in Cuba.

In the afternoons, you will Dove hunt with most hunters shooting on average 6-10 boxes of shells. If you would like to hunt Dove in the mornings and afternoons, we can arrange that as well.

Dove and Quail will be hunted with pointer dogs.

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